About Japan Chlorophyll Co., Ltd.

As a food coloring research company dedicated to creating excitement around foods,
we provide naturally derived pigments and ingredients
and support our customers' food development.

Strengths of Japan Chlorophyll

We deliver excitement around foods to the society
by thoroughly following customer needs through three approaches:
product lineup, responsive service, and quality control.

Product lineup

A range of niche products
rarely seen in other companies

In our company, we have very niche products such as chlorophyll, squid ink, saffron, and butterfly pea that are rarely found in other companies.
Those products, even if niche, are versatile and are actually used in many products familiar to you that you might not expect.
We will be committed to pursue niche products, as consumer needs become more and more sophisticated and diverse.

Responsive service

Flexible responses to your product development and improvement needs,
requests for short delivery time, small lots, etc.

Taking advantage of our ability to fine-tune our services due to our compact company size, we are able to respond flexibly and quickly to various customer requests for product improvements, new product development, delivery time, delivery lots, and so on.
Items in stock can be shipped on the same day if you order by the morning, and depending on the product, you can order from a small quantity of 100 g. Many customers appreciate our responsive services and repeat purchases. Please feel free to contact us.

Quality control

Delivering safe and secure products
through thorough quality control

By providing customers with high-quality, safe and secure products, our company aims to be a trusted company that contributes to people’s health and development of the society. For this reason, building upon compliance with the industry standard of Food Additive GMP, we acquired FSSC 22000 for Food Safety Management Systems.
also acquired Halal certification to respect religious diversity, so that people around the world can use our products with confidence. We will remain dedicated to improve our product qualities.

We also undertake OEM and contract manufacturing.

Japan Chlorophyll takes advantage of its manufacturing technology and quality control know-how cultivated over many years to offer OEM/contract manufacturing services. Based on the mottos of quick response, flexibility to deal with small lots, and high quality, we work with our customers to their satisfaction, from development of products that meet their needs to sample prototypes, manufacturing, and specification of quality control items.

Feature products

Since its foundation in 1951, our company has been committed to use of naturally derived ingredients,
and has a wide variety of natural food pigments, including chlorophyll and gardenia yellow,
as well as niche products such as squid ink, saffron and butterfly pea.

Corporate information

Greetings from our President

President and CEO Koichi Miyanaga
President and CEO
Koichi Miyanaga

We cherish our traditional culinary culture to enjoy
not only taste but also aesthetics of foods.

Committed to use of naturally derived ingredients since its establishment, at Japan Chlorophyll we manufacture and sell products that are "friendly to people and the earth." We provide natural colorants and a variety of other food ingredients to improve appearances and functionalities of foods, in order to help achieve rich and healthy diet and contribute to the development of culinary culture.
Our company products are adopted by many manufacturers and delivered to consumers as a variety of products. We comply with FSSC 22000 and Food Additive GMP standards to ensure that we can always deliver products of stable quality and customers can enjoy safer foods. Furthermore, to respect religious diversity, we have acquired Halal certification.
In order to continue to be a food coloring research company required by the society, we will develop high-value-added materials that meet market needs and deliver stable products through thorough quality control.

Company Profile

Name Japan Chlorophyll Co., Ltd.
Foundation January 25, 1951
Capital 40 million yen
Headquarters and Kumagaya Plant 558 Yatsukuchi, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture
Tokyo Sales Office
(Main store)
Ikuseru Bldg. 6F, 34-6, Kandasudacho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business description Manufacture and sale of food additives and cosmetic ingredients, and sale of other chemical products
Main banks Resona Bank, Kiraboshi Bank and MUFG Bank